Tim Montana’s latest song released on Fox & Friends


It’s a good song about good people doing good things. Looks like Tim Montana just delivered exactly what America needs right now.

In case you missed it, Tim Montana of Butte, Montana released his latest song “Good by Me” LIVE on Fox & Friends.

Tim Montana grew up in Butte and his family still live “off the grid”, which means they still live in the countryside and are not connected to the power grid. Our friend Tommy O’Neill in Butte was the first to play Tim Montana’s music on the radio…and here’s Tim LIVE again on Fox & Friends.

How did he find the song “Good by Me”? Here’s what he told Fox & Friends:

Tim Montana: I had a buddy who – Brian Bowen Smith was traveling across the country, he’s a famous photographer in Los Angeles – taking pictures during the pandemic and raising money for people who lost family members because of COVID-19. And he came over and took a picture of me, and I started writing a song about it – this song about the moment and it just dropped and I finished it with some buddies. I just saw him do some good stuff and I’m like- man, the world needs more positivity. Let’s shine a light on people who are doing good things. And that’s where the idea came from.

Tim was in Portland last week before the Fox interview. He then stopped in Folsom (CA), Reno (NV) and Las Vegas, and will head to Colorado.

Looks like he had a run-in with the law in Reno… ha.

Tim Montana LIVE on Fox & Friends. Here is the video:

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