The Estes Crushing It mountain bike team in Granby | Spotlight on the Estes valley



The Estes Park Mountain Bike team continues to crush it in its 2021 season. The Estes Park MTB team is a mixed fall sport, open to students in grades 7 to 12. High school athletes competing in the Estes Park MTB Team race in the Colorado High School Cycling League with currently over 1,850 other student athletes from across the state, but this small but powerful Estes Park MTB team has made its presence known among all of these competitors!

For either three laps / 18 miles for Varsity or two laps / 12 miles for JV and Sophomore. Due to snow and rain on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, the Estes Park mountain bike team was unable to complete the difficult course and know what to expect, but it did not make them. did not stop recording their best times on Sunday.

JV Boys Junior Sam Honda started the cold day of racing in Granby. Sam started on the 24th call and after surviving a near-crash at the start that sent him back even further, Sam had his work cut out for him and Sam’s hard work paid off and he got an impressive 11th place in JV Boys out of 98 fierce competitors in its category. Still cold outside, student-athletes JV and Freshman Girls raced the second wave of the day. JV Girls Senior Sydney Lewelling secured a 5th place on call, placing her in her very first front row start for her JV Girls category. Sydney maintained a solid position throughout the race and even passed another fierce competitor in it, earning Sydney a solid 4th place in JV Girls out of 36 fierce competitors. JV Girls Junior Isabella Putman quickly warmed up during her run while tackling this difficult course and secured an incredible 23rd place in JV Girls. Rookie Nora Harrison was able to race for the first time in Granby. Nora started in the back row in her class, but she progressed quickly over the two laps and Nora had a phenomenal 9th ​​place finish on Freshman Girls out of 25 fierce competitors. Sophomore Boys Odin Rhode started on the 6th call but was aiming for his first podium. While giving everything in his two laps, Odin secured an incredible 4th place in the sophomore boys out of 70 fierce competitors. The last wave of the day was Varsity Boys and senior Ben Ferree had his work cut out for him. Starting at the back of the pack for his Varsity class, Ben rose through the ranks to finish in a stellar 11th place in a pack of 21 of the fastest runners in our Yampa conference!

At the end of the incredible day of racing in Granby, the Estes Park MTB team won the podium of two student athletes among the top five in their categories at the Granby Ranch Round Up: JV Girls Senior Sydney Lewelling in 4th place and Sophomore Boys Odin Rhode in 4th place. Thanks to the incredible performance of all the high school student athletes on the Estes Park ATV team, the team also won the 1st place tag team trophy for their Division 3 at the Granby Ranch Round Up.

The Colorado League also recognized the season’s best points for their Yampa Conference and senior Sydney Lewelling won the 4th place overall medal for the JV Girls. Due to the incredible finish times of the Estes Park MTB team throughout the season, they also won 1st place in the overall team standings for Division 3 at their Yampa conference.

The Colorado High School Cycling League State Championship race takes place in Durango, Colo. On October 23-24. The Estes Park MTB team has five student athletes who qualified for the Colorado State Championship race in Durango: Sophomore Odin Rhode, JV Junior Sam Honda, JV Junior Isabella Putman, JV Senior Sydney Lewelling and Varsity Senior Ben Ferree. Keep up the good work, Estes Park!



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