The 9 best cycling bibs for every cyclist in 2022


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Looking for a more comfortable way to ride? Discover the cycling bibs. There’s no doubt that cycling shorts are great for some people, but thanks to the use of suspenders rather than a tight waist, cycling shorts put less pressure on your midsection when you’re squatting all day. . They still offer all the benefits of bike shorts, including comfortable chamois and moisture-wicking properties, but they also offer added benefits, like storage pockets and better skin coverage that can help reduce your risk of sunburn.

The best cycling bibs

    What to consider

    The main difference between bib shorts and bib shorts are obviously the suspenders and the body panels. Where cycling shorts have a waistband that falls below the navel, the front and back panels of cycling bib shorts cover your lower back and most of your belly.

    Just like shorts, cycling shorts are made of spandex, lycra, and other highly elastic materials that fit snugly against the skin. Their snug fit helps increase aerodynamics while riding and also provides some compression, which can help ensure a smoother ride and means your bib is less likely to shift while you’re cycling.

    Placement of the shoulder strap

    When trying on bibs, make sure you like the straps and their placement on your body. While a lot of engineering has gone into designing suspenders that are comfortable for all-day wear, some suspenders are too tight or constricting for riders. Look for wider straps that aren’t too thick and have some breathability.


    The chamois of a bib is like the chamois of a bib short. It is designed to protect the most sensitive parts of cyclists with a little padding. Modern chamois are made of multiple layers of antimicrobial synthetic materials designed to reduce friction, breathe, and inhibit sweat, salt, and bacterial growth. This helps reduce saddle sores and other issues that occur when you spend hours squatting on the bars. The best chamois are supportive but don’t feel like wearing a layer between the legs. Most good chamois feature anatomically shaped patterns and channeled areas to make sure you don’t mind them while riding.

    Size and fit

    Cycling bibs designed for women often have features you won’t find on men’s bibs. These include straps placed further apart to accommodate larger amounts of chest tissue, wider hips, and different chamois placements. Many are also designed to make it easier to get to the toilet without completely undressing.

    Today, many companies offer expanded size ranges, increasing inclusiveness and making it easier for people with different body types to find bibs that fit them. Generally speaking, “pro” fits are designed for leaner riders, while “club” or “touring” sizes are suitable for those with wider legs and/or a wider midsection.


    Another feature of some bibs are cargo pockets. Some cycling shorts may have a side pocket for your phone or a snack. But cargo bibs often have multiple pockets to store extra snacks, a phone, etc., making them particularly well suited for long journeys or bike trips.

    How we selected

    We’ve seen our fair share of bibs over the years and made these selections based on some of the Ride a bike editors favourites. We also considered those recommended by satisfied customers and those rated highly by other professional reviewers. Our final selections include a variety of bib styles designed for different types of rides, riders, and times of year.

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    • Softer than other bibs
    • Comfortable straps
    • Not as much compression as other options

    Key specs

    • Sizes: Men: XS-XXL; Women XXS-XL
    • Chamois: Rapha’s Dual Density Chamois
    • Colors): Navy or black

    Rapha Core Bibs are Rapha’s most affordable bibs and are a favorite with road cyclists and hikers. The bibs include silicone leg grippers that keep the shorts on your legs, while the blend of fabrics in the bibs ensures the suspenders don’t put too much pressure on riders shoulders. They are also available with white or black straps.

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    Best race bibs

    RSR S9 TARGA bib shorts

    • Comfortable
    • Minimal seams
    • Lightweight
    • No female version
    • Dear

    Key specs

    • Sizes: Men: XS-XXL
    • Chamois: Assos
    • Colors): Black, Flame Gold

    Once you get past the price – and those are spendthrift – the Assos RSR S9 TARGA bib shorts are one of the best and most race-ready sets of cycling bib shorts. They are among the lightest bibs on the market and their chamois is uniquely constructed so that it only attaches at the front and back, allowing it to move better with the rider’s body. .


    Great premium summer bibs

    Pro Shorts

    • Available in men’s and women’s versions
    • good buff

    Key specs

    • Sizes: Men: XS-XXL; Women XXS-XL
    • Chamois: Chamois in levitation
    • Colors): Navy, black

    These premium bibs are designed for hot days, but they work great in all hot weather conditions. They feature firm compression and minimized seams to reduce drag and skin irritation. They also offer UPF 50+ protection to help you avoid sunburn.

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    The most elegant

    PRO bib shorts

    • great styling
    • Well designed for women
    • Excellent compression
    • Chamois not as supportive as some would like

    Key specs

    • Sizes: Men: S-XXL; Women: XS-XXL
    • Chamois: Triple density PRO chamois
    • Colors): Men: black, dark ink, cocoa scrib, dark ink hatched palm; Women: black, dark ink shell

    If you’re looking for a pair of bibs that will make you stand out from the crowd, check out the Pearl Izumi PRO bibs. While already a great bib in terms of functionality, Pearl Izumi also offers these bibs in a variety of stylish colors and prints. Plus, the women’s version has shoulder straps designed to accommodate more chest tissue and easily answer the call of nature.

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    The most versatile

    Pro SL bib shorts

    • Several adjustment options
    • Good price
    • Regular inseam length can be long

    Key specs

    • Sizes: Men: XS-XXL; Women: XS to XL
    • Chamois: Multiple options
    • Colors): Black

    The Endura Pro Sl bib shorts are among the most versatile and customizable bib shorts on the market. Riders can choose from several chamois options as well as lengths, making them ideal for a wide variety of riders. They’re also designed with fabric that dissipates heat, ensuring you stay cool when the temperature rises.

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    The best bibs for chilly days

    Equipe RS Spring Fall Bib Shorts S9

    • Warm
    • Great fit
    • Excellent leg grippers
    • Very expensive
    • Only available in men’s sizes

    Key specs

    • Sizes: Men: S-XL
    • Chamois: Team RS S9
    • Colors): Black

    These cool weather bibs won our Editor’s Choice Award in 2020. They have a fleece interior lining, but they’re still thin enough for year-round comfort. The front of the bibs also feature a windproof and waterproof panel ideal for cold weather riding. The leg grippers on these bib shorts not only hold the shorts in place while you ride, but can also prevent the leg warmers from slipping.


    best bib

    Mountain Liner + Swat Bib Shorts

    • Lightweight
    • Available in men’s and women’s versions

    Key specs

    • Sizes: Men: S-XXL; Women: S-XL
    • Chamois: Specialized Body Geometry Mountain Chamois
    • Colors): Black

    If you prefer baggie shorts or love mountain biking but still want the support of a chamois in your bib, you’ll need the Specialized Mountain Liner Bib Shorts with SWAT. The liner is breathable, quick-drying and has multiple pockets perfect for storing everything from keys to snacks.

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    Large racing chamois

    Cycling Free Aero Race 4 bib shorts

    • Decent price
    • Large fabric and chamois
    • Limited size options for women

    Key specs

    • Sizes: Men: S-XXL; Women: XS-S
    • Chamois: Projectto X2 Air
    • Colors): Black, purple

    This reasonably priced race bib is ideal for hot days in the saddle when you want to go fast. That’s thanks to Castelli’s dimpled Vortex fabric that cuts through the air. The chamois is seamless and comfortable and it boasts an average rating of 4.5 stars from 190 customers.


    Best Bibs for Women

    Women’s Ultimate VPDs Bib Shorts

    • Shoulder straps and chamois designed for comfort

    Key specs

    • Sizes: Women: XS-L
    • Chamois: Female-specific Multi D Pad
    • Colors): Black

    With an inverted strap configuration, the POC Ultimate VPDS bib shorts are designed to conform to the riders chest while remaining comfortable. The suspenders are also designed to allow the rider to easily use the bathroom without removing their jersey. These shorts have minimal seams, making them comfortable for long rides, and their leg grippers ensure they’ll stay in place while you’re pedaling.

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