The 43rd Cape Town Cycle Tour Veterans Race


Stephen Stefano has participated in every Cape Town Cycle Tour since its inception in 1978 and today it will compete in its 43rd race.

The cycling veteran has been pedaling since he was ten when he had to cycle to school and took his first bike tour in 1978.

Stefano said he appreciates the freedom to be on the road.

“The freedom that a simple bicycle gives can take you to places where all your senses interact with nature, I appreciate it the most.”

At 57, Stefano enjoys meeting like-minded people at cycling events.

“We are outside and far from the concrete jungle that has been built,” he said.

Stefano said participating in cycling events has helped him keep his finger on the pulse.

“(It’s) a great way to test your fitness and test your strength.”

His love for cycling has allowed him to travel through many countries including France, Germany, Portugal and Switzerland.

“The bike took me through many places. I hope one day I will ride from Cairo to Cape Town Tour of Africa.

The Cape Town cyclist said the hardest part of being a cyclist is balancing in life.

“It’s important to get into a cycling routine and keep it consistent with the bigger picture.

“There has to be a balance between family life, career, friends and other interests. “

To overcome this challenge, Stefano recorded some cycling time in his journal.

“I keep my family members informed in advance of upcoming events.

“I try to incorporate them into the decision-making process and include them in events where I can.”

To prepare for a race, Stefano stays active by constantly cycling.

“Switch to an easier gear, if the going gets tough. Don’t give up on something you love.

Stefano said he was looking forward to competing in the 43rd Cape Town Cycle Tour as the lockdown was difficult for everyone.

“It will be great to meet all the cyclists and in particular the members of Club 21 on Sunday. “

Club 21 is the cycling club that Stefano created for cyclists who have completed 21 or more Cape Cycle Tours.

His advice to budding or novice cyclists was to make the most of the day on their bike.

“Take it easy to Cape Point and save energy for Chapman’s Peak and Suikerbossie.

“Remember to snack more in the first half and to sip your water and energy drinks all the time. “


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