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We speak to the former advertising executive and owner of Blame Her Ranch outside of Santa Fe from the Indian market.

One hundred years of Indian market is an incredible achievement, a milestone, and the market is not to be missed,” says Steve Blamer, owner of Blamer Her Ranch, a destination location outside of Santa Fe and an easy commute to all events at Indian Market. We talked to him about staying at the ranch and going to Santa Fe for the market.

Cowboys and Indians: What are some of your favorite things about the Indian market?

Steve Blamer: We think it’s not the “same old, same old”. Every year we find something that surprises us, be it works of art, jewelry or sculptures. You never know what you are going to see or buy when you go to the Indian market.

C&I: What are your tips for discovering the Indian market as well as possible?

Blame : Take your time. Go early. And speak directly to the artists if you are lucky enough to find them in their booths.

THIS : Do you have fond memories of the first time you went there?

Blame : Yes. There was this incredible Native American woman – Sioux, I believe – who handcrafted such an intricate and stunning beaded purse. When she told me how many hours it took and the story behind the horse on the handbag, there was no hesitation in buying it from her. It was such a beautiful connection and a memory that I will never forget.

C&I: Recommendations of specific things not to miss to see, do, eat, etc. ?

Blame : Don’t neglect the process. If you don’t walk up and see every stall, you might not even see something you might need.


C&I: What are some things people might not realize about the Indian market?

Blame : People come from all over the world and it’s fascinating to talk to them.

THIS : In town, what to look for?

Blame : Obviously the great restaurants that Santa Fe has to offer and of course the galleries!

C&I: Tell us a bit about Blame Her Ranch.

Blame : If a group books a stay at the 1,650-acre ranch property, what will they experience? Blamer Her Ranch is the home of Steve and Linda Blamer. When people stay with us, there are both traditional and glamping overnight stays, but the ranch offers a private and exclusive destination that you don’t have to share with others outside of your party. The ranch features a cauldron, hot tub, pool, sauna, home theater, cowboy chic barn, and 18,000 square foot lawn. Sleeps up to 44 people with up to 250 day guests for all events.

C&I: Any practical considerations, speaking from experience, for a trip to Santa Fe during the market?

Blame : Many people make special arrangements for tourist buses, to easily get them to and from the Indian market without the hassle of parking or driving yourself. This is an easy and beautiful 45 minute drive through the mountains from Blame Her Ranch.

C&I: A good place to stay for foreigners who are smart and book well in advance?

Blame : Yes, but people need to book early because Blame Her Ranch is booked out 18 months in advance. It is ideal for groups, companies or families who play an active role in the Indian market.

C&I: Any special ideas for off-the-beaten-path visitors?

Blame : The ranch offers all types of unique activities such as ATVs, UTVs, clay pigeon shooting, horseback riding, mountain adventure tours, cattle ranching. And there’s also fly fishing nearby in the Pecos.

Blamer Her Ranch: HC 72 Box 521, 354 County Road B31A, Ribera, New Mexico 87560, 575.421.0128,


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