Sky To Sea Enduro Mountain Bike Race Begins April 23

Sky To Sea Enduro Mountain Bike Race Begins April 23

A press conference took place ahead of the Sky To Sea Enduro Mountain Bike Race, which has the distinction of being the only race in the world that starts on a snowy peak and ends in the sea.

Mayor of Kemer Municipality, Necati Topaloğlu, Member of Kemer Municipal Council and President of Kemer Enduro Motorcycle Club (KEMK), Semih, attended the press conference held at Olympos Cable Car on Tahtalı Mountain at an altitude 23 meters before the race which will be held from April 24 to 2. under the main sponsorship of the Municipality of Kemer. Özdemir, Kemer Region Promotion Foundation (KETAV) President Volkan Yorulmaz, Kemer Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association (KETOB) Representative Ayşegül Zeybek Uçar, Race Coordinator Ömer Nizam, Olympos Cable Car General Manager Haydar Gümrükçü, South African cyclist Sharjah Jonsson, Russian cyclist Kiril Cherkashenko, arched athlete Osman Minta, and members of the press were in attendance.

About 2 athletes from 14 countries will participate in the 150th stage of the Sky To Sea Enduro cycling race, which is included in the calendar of activities of the Turkish Cycling Federation.

The event, which will be attended by nearly 150 athletes from England, Russia, South Africa, Azerbaijan and Turkey, has the distinction of being one of the most extreme cycling races in Turkey, in addition to be the only race in the world. which starts at the top of a snowy mountain and ends in the sea.

As the endurance of the athletes will be tested on the 34-kilometer track, as well as the snowy passes on the stage, the cliffs of Olympos mountain, the beds of the streams, the difficult paths in the forest will be passed, and the athletes will meet the Mediterranean with the sea jump ramp to be built on Kemer beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Turkish Riviera.

Mayor of Kemer, Necati Topaloğlu, in his speech in the press release, said that Kemer is one of the best tourist regions in the world.

Explaining that they continue to do their best to diversify tourism, Mayor Topaloğlu said, “We have been trying to diversify tourism for years. Along the same lines, we will be hosting Swim Races, Run To Sky Motorcycle Races, Sea To Sky Enduro, Road Bike Races and Underwater Days in the coming days. These organizations are very important for the promotion of Kemer and Turkey. As the municipality of Kemer, we have always been part of these organizations and we will continue to be. We will also work to make this race a world championship. I wish success to all the athletes who will participate in the race. I would like to thank those who contributed to the race. he said.

Assemblyman Semih Özdemir also said that he is happy to organize the Sky To Sea Enduro mountain bike races, which are the opposite of the Seo To Sky Enduro motorcycle races that they organize every year.

Mentioning that the athletes will compete in difficult conditions, Özdemir thanked the mayor of Kemer Necati Topaloğlu, who helped organize the organization, and wished success to all the athletes.

KETAV President Yorulmaz said that the Sky To Sea Enduro mountain bike race is very important because it is the first in the world and said, “Tourism has had a hard time since 2016. If we consider the question of the diversity of tourism, this race is very important. . It’s a very big part of sports tourism. We have to get out of the sun, sand and sun. These types of organizations are the best examples. I would like to thank those who have contributed to the organization. mentioned.

Haydar Gümrükçü, General Manager of Olympos Ropeway, said they are ready for the summer season as a ropeway and said he thought the races would bring great contribution to Kemer and wished the athletes success.

Race coordinator Ömer Nizam gave information about the race. Nizam said around 150 athletes will participate in the races and said they will descend into the sea from the snow-capped peak of Tahtalı Mountain.

Explaining that the riders will cycle a 34 kilometer stage in total, Nizam said, “Athletes will have the opportunity to see the unique beauties of Kemer on the track. The race will end at sea level in Kemer. We put the ramp on the beach to make the company unique in the world. The racecourse is perfect for promoting cycle tourism. As a municipality of Kemer, the cycling routes we have made before attract the attention of cyclists in the region. mentioned.

Belted cyclist Osman Minta also said the track will be very difficult for all athletes and noted that it will be an uphill battle.
South African cyclist Sharjah Jonsson said he was happy to be in Kemer and said: “I really liked the stages. I am ready to do my best to go further. The course here is very similar to race tracks held around the world. I didn’t see anything missing. The stages are very demanding. I’m happy to race here. he said.

Recalling that he came to Kemer in 2017, Russian cyclist Kiril Cherkashenko said: “I have been mountain biking for about 20 years. I really like the geography of Kemer. I have used the Kemer tracks before and it is very difficult. Everywhere I went I said this place was great and advertised it. I would like to thank those who have contributed to the organization. makes statements.
After the press conference, the cyclists put on a little show on the snowy summit. During the show, some athletes struggled, while others fell.


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