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The Mesa Verde 12 Hour Race is held at Phil’s World east of Cortez each May. (Newspaper archive photo)

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12 Hours of Mesa Verde Donates Sponsorship Proceeds to the Community

Proceeds from the annual 12 Hours of Mesa Verde Mountain Bike Race were donated to community programs this month.

This year, $ 69,980 was donated to 10 organizations, with a focus on youth programs, said Cap Allen, race site coordinator.

“In the 15 years that this event has taken place, the total amount returned to the community is approaching $ 800,000,” he said.

The race is supported by a volunteer board of directors who meet throughout the year to plan the race. We rely on dozens of volunteers during the week and on the day of the race to organize the event.

The race takes place on Mother’s Day weekend in May and attracts 750 to 900 runners each year. The influx of runners, their friends and family is boosting the local economy, Allen said.

Running operations are covered by the registration fee, he said, and local sponsorship feeds directly from community organizations.

The recipients this year are the Four Corners Child Advocacy Center, $ 16,000; The Piñon Project, $ 16,000; Good Samaritan Center, $ 14,000; High Desert Devo, $ 7,000; Open School of the Southwest, $ 6,000; Cortez BMX, $ 5,000; Youth Community Collaboration, $ 4,000; CASH Poster Contest, $ 500; Montezuma County Search and Rescue, $ 740; and Southwestern Colorado Cycling Association, $ 740.

Rose Jergens, executive director of the Four Corners Advocacy Center, said business support for 12 Hours of Mesa Verde translates directly into improved community services.

Community organizations received big checks in 2019 for the youth programs of the annual 12 Hours of Mesa Verde Mountain Bike Race, which takes place every May at Phil’s World. (Log file)

The donation goes to an additional therapist for a mental health program specializing in trauma associated with child abuse.

“The funds have allowed us to maintain and expand our therapy program, effectively doubling our impact on the community with trauma services provided at no cost to the family,” Jergens said in a press release.

The volunteers also appreciate the charitable aspect of the race.

“With the proceeds going to children in our community, I felt my time was appreciated and useful,” said volunteer Rodney Lipe.

The 12 Hours of Mesa Verde Volunteer Council includes President Nic McDonald, Vice President Paul Adams, Dani Gregory, Rachel Medina, Cap Allen, Jay Balfour, Kirk Underwood, Sharon Underwood and Nic Stoker.

The 12 Hours of Mesa Verde 2022 is scheduled for May 7. Registration opens January 14. For more information, visit 12hoursofmesaverde.com



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