Podcast review: World Cup downhill, what it takes to be a pro, EWS Racing, women on mountain bikes, and more


Here are some of the podcasts that filled our ear cups this month while we weren’t busy recording The Pinkbike Podcast.

Camille Balanche on Becoming a world champion, her background and more

Camille Balanche is the current downhill mountain biking world champion and also leads the 2021 World Cup series. Camille is a fairly recent convert to mountain biking, but has incredible experience in other disciplines, especially as a mountain biker. Olympic athlete. We discuss his journey and journey from a sports science degree, to enduro races and the top rows of the downhill world cup. Camille gives excellent insight into her approach to racing, warm-ups, mindset, bike setup, training and more. So sit back, press play and listen to this episode with Camille Balanche.Chris Hall

Andrew Neethling on what it takes to become a professional pilot

quotation marks In this episode of The HKT Podcast, former professional downhill mountain biker turned commentator and brand ambassador Andrew ‘Needles’ Neethling explains what it really takes to become a professional mountain bike rider. Andrew shares some of his personal experiences with contract negotiations, runner salaries and offers insight into some of the challenges professional athletes face today.HKT Podcast

This podcast also covers aspects of the recent “State of the Sport” survey. If you haven’t read it, it’s available here.

Vero Sandler and Tahnee Seagrave on the problems women face in mountain biking

quotation marks This week on the Drop in Podcast, Duncan is joined by Tahnee Seagrave and Veronique Sandler (and special guest Oski).

In this episode, we explore the controversial topics of price money, wages, and the challenges and inequalities faced by horse riders trying to break into the race by gravity.

The Drop in podcast is available in full as a video below and can also be streamed on most major audio platforms.

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EWS season preview with Florian Nicolai, Isabeau Courdurier, Matt Stuttard and Dan Wolfe

quotation marks This pod episode has it all! Florian Nicolai is EWS ‘most consistent finisher of late, having finished in the Top 3 in each of the last 3 seasons. Isabeau Courdurier is the 2019 EWS champion having won each race “the perfect season”. Then we close the show with some “EWS Real Talk” with Matt Stuttard and Dan Wolfe.George thompson

Listen now.

All Things World Cup Les Gets with Chris Kilmurray

quotation marks I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited on a mountain bike world cup week so I thought I would try to share that excitement with you at a pre-show. race. We’ll prepare you for a week of World Cup action in Les Gets. I am joined by the coach of the stars and resident of Morzine, Chris Kilmurray, to talk about the Les Gets World Cup. We will find out everything about the brand new track and its specific requirements for both the rider and the bike. How do the drivers approach learning a new track, what does Chris think is the key to success and who is well positioned to deliver. So sit back, hit play and listen to this episode with Chris Kilmurray.Chris Hall

Paralympic ski racing medalist Lacey Heward in adaptive mountain biking

quotation marks For episode 30, we bring you Lacey Heward, Lacey is a really amazing person. Lacey’s courage to show off all she’s accomplished in life is evident from what you are about to listen to. Lacey is a multi-time Paralympic Adaptive Alpine Skiing Medalist, World Cup Champion and now Adaptive Mountain Biker. I could tell you about all the adversity Lacey has gone through in life, but I’m going to leave that to her because she tells her story so well. This interview will end with a song written and performed by Lacey called It’s Been a Long Time.Trail effect

Review of Les Gets with Ed Masters and Andrew Neethling

Full SHOW available on Apple Podcasts / Spotify

Sustainability, local production and more with Phil Law

quotation marks We caught up with Phil Law of Pembree to pick up on the theme of sustainability, in-house design, and local production that we talked about in previous episodes. We also invited the distributor of Pembree pedals in Switzerland, James Drew, to return to the conversation to provide the perspective of the Swiss market and shed some light on how Pembree has been received locally. We cover a lot of ground in our conversation, from the history and spirit of Pembree, to how to manage growth in a sustainable manner and what transparency and carbon neutrality mean in the cycling industry today. hui. The business side of the coin and driving change on the supply side is, of course, the choice of the consumer. That’s why we spend quite a bit of time on what our dollars and Swiss francs can do to initiate change and what other brands outside of Pembree are doing to ensure better results. For a good start and some tips, check out The European Bike Project.Slips and laughter

Mikayla Gatto makes a joke for a joke with Brett Tippie

quotation marks Micayla Gatto joins Tippie to talk about her life on the bike! This includes his racing career and his transition to and away from announcing events. Micayla is also a talented artist. She talks about combining two of her loves, art and cycling, in her film Intersection, “Mountain Bike Meets Painting”, as well as finding and riding the epic White Line based on misplaced peer pressure and bidding up. This one is Ferda Girls but still has a lot of jokes about daddy.Brett tippie

June 22, 2021

Micayla Gatto makes a joke for a joke with Tippie


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