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Posted May 08, 2022 9:00:00 AM

We chat with car restorer Allan Almeida about his love for cars and his automotive wish list.

What are you driving and why?

I drive a BMW 330i (E46) because it is an absolute pleasure to drive. Steering and handling are a joy. I also have a Mercedes-Benz W123, which I drive at MBCCR.

What’s next on your wish list?

A BMW M3 (E30).

The most fun you’ve had in the car?

In Pavna, near Lonavala, Maharashtra, with a classic Land Rover Defender 90. We got stuck waist deep in slushy snow for hours, but were finally able to get out safely.

Favorite / Dream money no object because?

The Lamborghini LM002 has been my dream car since childhood. I love 4x4s and this is one of the best of its kind.

Allan drives his W123 at the MBCCR.

Who is your greatest motorsport hero of all time?

Valentino Rossi, because I started doing superbikes thanks to him.

Favorite road?

The Chorla Ghat, which is on the way from my hometown to Carmona, Goa. It has just the right amount of turns and straights.

What’s on your automotive bucket list?

Drive to the North Pole in an 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser.

What would you do with your last liter of fuel?

Drive flat out at the Rann of Kutch.

Your ideal 5-car garage would be?

Silver Porsche 356 Speedster

Red Ferrari F40

Dodge Charger 1969 black

Mercedes 300 SL red butterfly

Yellow Lamborghini LM002

What was your first car?

He was a Maruti gypsy.

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