Michigan man plans to raffle small house in UP


I can’t stop with Tiktok.

While skipping a show I had to watch, I came across a Tiktok video of a man named ‘TinyHouseTom’. In the video, he hinted that he may be considering raffing off his second small house in the UP.

In the video (in case you procrastinate at work and can’t watch with sound) Tom goes on to say that the tiny house he owns in the UP is on 10 acres of land. And, he built it himself.

Tom adds that he was considering selling the cottage because he hardly ever did because of the general affairs of life. But then he thought, “It might be fun to raffle this off.” “

He offers to sell “affordable” raffle tickets so that people who may not be able to afford the house have a chance to win it instead.

Some things to know about the house:

  • It’s rural. Tom says it’s in the middle of nowhere and very “off the grid”
  • Ideal for hunters and fishermen

The house is a tiny at home, but I’m not sure what that means exactly. Again, this is an improvised thought that was shared via Tiktok.

The video was posted about 19 hours ago as I write this at 11:00 am on September 24, but it has gained almost a million views and 19,000 comments. So far, there is no update on whether or not Tom has decided to enter the raffle, but judging from the response, I have a feeling it would be a success.

If you potentially own a tiny house in UP Michigan, be sure to follow TinyHouseTom on Tiktok to see what he decides to do.

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