Isabeau Courdurier’s foot impaled by a stick during the Valberg race


Enduro World Series leader Isabeau Courdurier suffered a freak accident while racing an enduro eMTB even in Valberg, France this weekend. The French driver’s foot was impaled by a stick while racing on Sunday.

“Well, I didn’t expect my first e-bike race to end like this,” Courdurier shared on social media. “I went a little too far out in a corner and my front wheel kicked up a sharp branch. I did not plant. The branch completely punctured my shoe (upper part) and my foot.

Courdurier was running the Valberg EWS-E event at the time, a parallel electric mountain bike series that runs alongside the human-powered EWS. The freak accident happened during the sixth of the seven stages of the race.

“I had surgery last night to remove it and get rid of the unicorn foot,” added the French rider. “It went well and apparently I have no broken bones or tendons, which is a miracle! ”

Surprisingly, given the incredibly low turnout of EWS’ Electric Series, Courdurier still placed third at the end of the day.

Courdurier added a note of explanation, and warning, that this type of accident is unlikely but impossible to avoid.

“I’m sharing this because it can happen to any of us who race or ride Enduro!” Courdurier explained, adding, “I have to say it’s very unlucky and could have happened anywhere and with any mountain bike shoes. I was in very good hands with the Valberg security team and cannot thank them enough for their help.

You can see Courdurier’s injury in the slides below.

*Warning* As Courdurier warns, the third slide is quite graphic. Don’t click on all three if you’re disgusted.

Courdurier currently leads the EWS regular series with 1,595 points to Morgane Charre’s 1,210. The Lapierre Zipp Collective rider has just over a month to recover and get back on track before the next EWS round. It’s happening on August 5th in Whistler.

Until then, you can watch highlights from the rest of EWS-E’s visit to Valberg below.

Race highlights – EWS-E Valberg


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