Gran Turismo 7 version 1.11 resolves fan resentment over nerfed progression


In a word: Polyphony Digital has finally released an update to fix a Gran Turismo 7 rebalancing done last month. Version 1.11 dropped on Friday, increasing the reward for endgame World Circuit races, readjusting the rewards for Arcade and Custom events, and more.

The patch was in response to a March update to Gran Turismo 7 that had players up in arms as it nerfed rewards on certain races. Fans considered it a money grab, as many weren’t thrilled with the forced choice of grinding for 20 hours (on average) per legendary car or buying hundreds of dollars worth of in-game credits to fulfill their expensive exotic liveries.

This decision caused players to review the game on Metacritic and find a way to earn credits while AFK. Sony and Polyphony later apologized and offered one million credits each. Game director Kazunori Yamauchi, the father of Gran Turismo, has promised that an update will arrive in early April to readjust the progression system.

In addition to increasing the reward amounts in specific races, the patch also increases the upper limit of free in-game credits to 100,000,000 from 20,000,000. daily have also been increased.

Version 1.11 didn’t just tweak progression. It also came with new content. He added a new race called “The Human Comedy”, a one-hour endurance race worth up to 1,200,000 credits per event. The pre-race screen now contains more information. It added new inventory to car bundles and fixed many bugs.

Polyphony has more to come in future patches, including more price increases, eight new endurance races, increased amount of used and legendary cars, adjustments to live service rewards, the addition of 24-hour endurance races, and more. Probably the most welcome change in a future update is the ability to sell your unwanted cars. You can check out the full list of changes on the Gran Turismo website.


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