Former Gov. Gary Johnson Carl Gables reflects on grueling 2022 tour split | Adventure


The next morning, after spending 24 consecutive freezing and rainy hours hunkered down in his sleeping bag and tent under a covered shelter to avoid hypothermia, Gary Johnson found himself singing “Happy Birthday” to a grizzly bear walking nearby. south of the Canada-US border. .

The former two-term governor of New Mexico said he hoped the loud chirping would encourage the grizzly to get out of the way and not provoke an attack. He was to pass the bear and head to Red Meadow Pass, where he would then have to cycle through deep snow for more than four hours while pushing to Whitefish, Mt.

His nearly 2,700-mile mountain bike ride from Banff, Alberta to the Mexican border in Antelope Wells, NM was still in its infancy, and the Tour Divide once again lived up to its reputation. as one of the most extreme endurance courses in the world. races.


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