Discover the Pinarello Dogma F that Dylan van Baarle drove to Paris-Roubaix victory


While some bike brands use Paris-Roubaix as a showcase for endurance bikes packed with features designed to dampen vibrations, Ineos Grenadiers’ Dylan van Baarle won the race on Sunday aboard a Pinarello Dogma F, the model that the team uses for all road races regardless of the terrain.

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Pinarello introduced the Dogma F as its top-tier road bike last summer, taking over from the Dogma F12.

“It’s a perfect bike for all types of riders and all terrains, because real-world riders aren’t specialized,” says Pinarello. “You need a bike that can climb up and down with the same flair, attack every corner and make every watt count on the finish straight. The Dogma F is designed to do just that. , whatever the circumstances.

Pinarello said that when designing the Dogma F, his priority was handling over weight loss. Even so, the Dogma F Disc complete frame kit is 11% lighter than the F12. Pinarello attributes this to innovation and new production methods such as 3D printed titanium components.

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Special attention has been paid to the seatpost, headset, fork and Talon cockpit, resulting in a weight saving of 265g.

Pinarello also claims that the Dogma F is 12% stiffer than the F12 around the bottom bracket and the improved aerodynamics provide significant cost savings.

The updated Onda fork is said to be 16% lighter than before, mainly due to the new carbon fiber materials used in its construction. The profile of the disc brake fork – Ineos Grenadiers are using disc brakes this year – has been modified to improve the interaction with the front wheel.

Pinarello claims there is virtually no drag until air has traveled halfway through the frame and in crosswinds the Onda fork blades act as sails to help drive forward the bike.

Pinarello says the Dogma F benefits from a narrow seat tube (only 20mm wide at the top junction) and seat post, taking advantage of UCI rules for reduced minimum tube width, and that new downtube cross-sections improve aerodynamics.

Likewise, the seatstays are constructed to new cross-sections intended to improve airflow with the rear wheel, and they’ve been lowered – they meet the seat tube lower than on the Dogma F12 – to reduce frontal area. .

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Pinarello claims these changes make the Dogma F “4.8% more aerodynamic in the disc version compared to the Dogma F12”, saving the equivalent of 1.3 watts at 40 km/h (25 mph) and 2.6 watts at 50 km/h (31 mph) . With a course as flat and fast as Paris-Roubaix, the aero advantages can make the difference.

The Dogma F only accepts electronic groupsets, Ineos Grenadiers using the new Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9200 12-speed.

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The wheels are Shimano Dura-Ace C50. These are designed as all-rounders with 50mm deep carbon rims and claimed weights of 674g (front) and 787g (rear).

They are fitted with Continental Grand Prix 5000 tubeless tyres. The maximum tire width the Pinarello Dogma F will take is 28mm. This applies to both disc brake and rim brake versions.

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The handlebar and stem combo is the Talon Ultra from Pinarello’s Most brand. It has the same shape as the previous model, but it would be 13% lighter and just as stiff thanks to a new layer of carbon. It looks like Van Baarle opted for a double layer of handlebar tape to help deal with the cobbles.

Fizik supplies the saddle which sits on Pinarello’s inline seatpost (although offset seatposts are available, Van Baarle’s bike clamp sits above the center of the post) and these look like standard Elite Leggero carbon bottle cages.

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Although the bike Dylan van Baarle started Paris-Roubaix with was fitted with a race number, there was no number on the spare bike he used to finish the race. He cleverly swapped bikes just before the third group joined the second, meaning he didn’t have to chase.


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