Demonstrate reliable and viable EV racing cars in a gasoline-powered world



EVSR is a “Plug & Play” program. In their first 3 weekends of racing, the cars completed every lap of every session, covering over 500 miles at competition speeds. Their routine is as follows: unload the cars from the transporter (a custom 1951 American LaFrance ramp truck), set the pressures and test. Charge, drive, repeat. With almost no repair or routine maintenance needed on the track, EVSR spends most of its time tuning, testing and fine-tuning cars for speed, range and reliability… and, of course, winning.

Unlike Formula E, EVSR races on traditional road circuits without route modification and head-to-head races with gasoline-powered cars with no special considerations needed or given. EVSR is very competitive with many pole positions and victories in the general classification. The Washington DC area of ​​the Sports Car Club of America (WDCR SCCA) worked with EVSR to form the modified electric classes EM1 and EM2. The Region sees EVSR as the flagship of EV road racing and shares EVSR’s forward-looking vision for sport.

Preparation began for “25 Hours of Thunderhill”, organized by the National Auto Sport Association in December at Willows, California. EVSR will be the first team to enter an EV in an endurance race lasting over 12 hours. In 2018, EVSR was the first team to participate in a 12 hour race and in 2019, they won their class in the same race.

EVSR Race Cars are excellent training tools for the novice driver and are also driven by, and have earned respect for. the most seasoned racing professionals. Professionals who to have drives our race cars include 5 times Daytona 24 hour race winner and professional sports car champion Andy Lally, 5 times American and North American rally champion Tim o’neil, Rick Knoop, winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1984, and talk show host and car enthusiast Jay leno.

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