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The 2021 Yukon Energy Road Cycling Championships tested the endurance of U Kon Echelon cyclists from June 11-13.

The championships, which U Kon Echelon coach Trena Irving described as “a great success” featured five races starting with a hill climb.

The riders followed a route that was introduced during the 2020 riding season. The climb started on Pine Street in Porter Creek and followed the bike path to Takhini. The cyclists then made their way up the large, steep hill near the snow dump.

Times, Irving said, have been improved “all around” compared to last year’s inaugural race.

Adam Tetzlaff set a new course record of 11:16. It was 24 seconds faster than the previous record held by Denny Bohmer.

Ava Irving-Staley and James McCann were the fastest teenage cyclists. The pair both recorded times of 11:58.

Irving-Staley cut his 2020 time by almost two minutes.

Titanium Way hosted a criterium and the second stop of the road cycling championships. A criterium race, Irving said, is where runners run a short course set for fast laps. The race is won in the last laps.

The youngest rider in the criterium was Elijah Jenner who rode about 25 minutes and finished first in the U11 category.

The older runners completed 45 minutes plus five laps. Group A was taken by Tetzlaff. He was followed by David Jackson and the third went to Irving-Staley.

Group B went to Doon McDowell and the second went to Tori Vollmer. Mackenzie Jenner won Group C with Taiga Buurman and Johna Irving-Staley second and third respectively.

A circuit race was the third installment of the championships. Every runner did 33 laps of a course from Porter Creek to Whistle Bend – with the exception of Irving who did 31.

The riders rode as a group with assistant coach Alex Amiri, who helped prepare the riders for the 2022 Canada Summer Games, keeping everyone in a field.

Jackson was the only runner in the adult category. Ava Irving-Staley won the teen category, followed by Vollmer and McCann.

Alex Labarge won the youth division with Johna Irving-Staley and Buurman finishing in the other top spots.

The fourth stage of the championships pitted the riders against themselves in a time trial at Titanium Way.

Aero bars, aero helmets, aero bikes and skin suits have all helped runners save precious minutes on their last times. For this race, adults and adolescents did not compete.

Amiri was the fastest adult runner, posting a time of 29:06. Jackson was second in the expert men’s division in 31:25. Tetzlaff, 32:05, was third.

McCann had the fastest teen time in 32:21. Jenner and McDowell weren’t far behind. Jenner finished 15 seconds off the winning pace and McDowell was two seconds behind Jenner.

Ava Irving-Staley set the women’s best time of 34:30. Vollmer finished in 36:05.

Johna Irving-Staley was the fastest U15 man with a time of 35:34. Lebarge and Buurman take the other podiums.

After four intense races, riders still found the energy to ride the road race from Army Beach to Jakes Corner and back again. The race was about 73 kilometers.

Irving said: “This race was exciting, especially the teenage field as the riders attacked and closed the gap.”

After many chases and assists, Johna Irving-Staley won the final sprint to the finish to win the U15 boys category. Lebarge and Buurman finished second and third.

Jenner set the best overall teenage time of 2:09:35. McDowell finished second in Group B.

It was a sprint in the women’s category and Ava Irving-Staley edged Vollmer to win.

In Group A, Tetzlaff and Jackson were joined by McCann. Tetzlaff won the road race finishing six seconds ahead of Jackson.

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