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The Canyon Endurace is traditionally half endurance bike and half race bike. The clue is in the name. This model, from the recently updated affordable end of the range, still manages to merge the two categories very well, but now it’s maybe about two-thirds endurance and one-third race: l There’s more emphasis on off-road capability with more tire clearance and beefier wheels suitable for gravel.

Canyon has relaunched the Endurace CF (opens in a new tab) – its entry-level carbon endurance bike (opens in a new tab) range – at the beginning of this year. It came out with what was left of rim brakes and women-specific bikes and with a redesigned and simplified disc-only line with a wider unisex size range.

This Shimano Ultegra 8000 mechanics (opens in a new tab)-the equipped model is one of the entry level models in a line of four new carbon CF Endurace, with the best SRAM Rival AXS (opens in a new tab)-fitted model designated “all-road” and fitted with larger 35mm tires, although the rest of the frame and geometry is the same.


Canyon Endurace CF 8

(Image credit: Philip Sowels)

As is the case with second-tier carbon bikes from most brands, the material the Endurace CF is made from is lower-grade carbon fiber compared to the Endurace CF SLX and SL. But 8.5 kg is not heavy for a bike at this price. The new Cannondale Synapse 2 RL (opens in a new tab) with Ultegra tuners weighs 9.5kg in the equivalent size (and costs almost double that).

The Canyon has the shortest reach and tallest stack on the modern endurance bike, intended to give a more upright stance for long-distance comfort.

This means that more weight is inevitably carried by the seat bones, so there is a round 27.2mm VCLS (Canyon Shock Absorption System) carbon seatpost with the clamp bolt lower in the tube saddle for a longer effective flex section. This, along with the large tires, works very effectively as suspension.

Canyon Endurace CF 8

(Image credit: Philip Sowels)

If you install a rod longer than the specified 100mm (Canyon offers replacements at 50% off because you can’t exchange it at the point of sale) and slam it in, it’s possible to get a longer position Aggressive: The stack height of the size M. Endurace is 2.3 cm higher than the equivalent Canyon Ultimate CF SLX race bike. If that’s what you’re looking for, my advice would be to choose a smaller Endurace rather than a larger one for your size (Canyon’s size chart is a good guide).

The geometry itself works hard to maintain a racy feel. The shorter reach naturally leads to a shorter front center, which means the Endurace actually has a slightly shorter wheelbase than the Ultimate CF SLX. (opens in a new tab) in size M and the handling is very agile. Love it or hate it, it has a pressfit BB (which didn’t crack a single time during my time with this bike).

The fork track is also based on the Ultimate, providing precise steering.

Canyon Endurace CF 8

(Image credit: Philip Sowels)

You get the bosses on the top tube for a bag and you can reasonably expect more supports under the downtube and maybe fender eyes – the new Cannondale Synapse has them. I would rather have fender eyes than top tube bag bosses.


Canyon Endurace CF 8

(Image credit: Philip Sowels)

The complete Ultegra groupset – mechanical 11-speed version, which continues alongside the new Di2 12-speed for now – runs well and is reliable.

You get a 53/36 crankset, confirmation that pacier riding isn’t out of place, but the 11-34 cassette should get most people up most hills.

Canyon Endurace CF 8

(Image credit: Philip Sowels)

The Fulcrum Racing 900 DB wheels aren’t quite as impressive – they’re tough for sure but aren’t light at just under 2kg. These are listed on the Fulcrum website as suitable for road and gravel, have 28 spokes per wheel and weigh just under 2kg. With an internal rim width of 19mm, they are no match for modern wide wheels. An upgrade would save weight and increase responsiveness.

They are tubeless ready but come with Schwalbe One tires with tubes, a 30mm front and 32mm rear. These are good tires (and superior to the Vittoria Rubino Pro tires the Synapse gets).

The handlebar and stem are owned by Canyon and if you like being able to easily adjust your stance, you’ll love that they’re all standard, separate traditional components (but watch out for the 1 ¼ steerer stem).

I didn’t get along with the very grippy surface of the Selle Italia Model X short nose saddle – it’s molded rather than covered – and the unusual rail design at the back meant it couldn’t accommodate my backpack. Silca Mattone headquarters. For me, unless I’m touring, behind the saddle is the only acceptable place for a bag. But that’s just me, so I’m not going to deduct a point for that.

The path

I have done both comfortable rides and fast rides on the Canyon Endurace CF 8 and it took me a while to decide what it was best at. I kept going out for “one last ride” to see if I could make up my mind—meaning Canyon did a good job balancing endurance and racing. However, I eventually concluded that stamina edges it.

The bouncy VCLS seatpost in conjunction with the fat tires – as long as you have the right pressure – provide a very comfortable ride on surfaces that road bikes and even endurance bikes of a few years ago didn’t. simply couldn’t have managed without shaking bottles out of cages and eyes out of skulls.

My first drive was a few steady, sociable hours of backstreet conversation. The pace was surprisingly high for the perceived exertion and I attribute this to good vibration absorption. The final was the descent of Pebble Combe, the steep ravine below Box Hill, a true test of cornering confidence with its high-speed left-hander. On the Canyon, I never felt my fingers reach the brakes. He seemed to find the best line in the turn and stay fixed on it.

The frame and fork are very stiff – which isn’t immediately obvious with the flex seatpost and chunky tires.

I found it was perfectly possible to average 20 mph on my regular loops, but the Canyon needs a bit more power than a pure road bike. I’m not going to complain about the Fulcrum Racing 900 wheels due to their generally excellent specs, but if they were replaced with lighter, more aero tubeset-configured wheels, I’m confident the speed and responsiveness would increase by 100%. one level: what the Canyon slightly lacks is a willingness to accelerate or scale steep climbs.

However, these wheels have remained completely faithful and are perfect for rougher surfaces. I prefer smooth surfaces and higher average speeds than traversing more technical terrain, so this is a trade-off that doesn’t work for me personally.

Value and conclusion

Compared to the competition, the Canyon Endurace CF 8 offers excellent value for money. I’ve mentioned the Cannondale Synapse 2 RL before: yes, you also pay for its built-in SmartSense lights and radar, but that’s almost double the price.

The Specialized Roubaix Sport with Shimano 105 (opens in a new tab) and the very basic aluminum wheels cost £3,100, while the entry-level Trek Domane SL 5 carbon – also 105-based – sells for £2,850.

To conclude, while the “race” in its name could have given way a little to “endurance” in this model, I propose that Endurace here means “endurance” and “ace”, which refers to the comfort associated to the incredible spec. If you’re only interested in high speeds and smooth tarmac, the Endurace CF 8 might not be the bike for you – without at least a wheel upgrade – but if your rides are on rougher terrain, this is an ideal bike that has what could be an unbeatable spec for the price.

  • Canyon Endurace CF frame (carbon fiber)
  • Canyon Canyon FK0089 CF Disc Fork (1 ¼ steerer)
  • Shimano Ultegra 8020 Mechanical/Hydraulic Disc Groupset
  • Fulcrum Racing 900 DB Wheels
  • Canyon H17 Ergobar AL Bar (42cm)
  • Canyon V13 aluminum stem (100mm)
  • Canyon SP0057 VCLS Seatpost
  • Selle Italia Model X Saddle
  • Weight 8.5kg
  • Size tested M
  • Contact

Is the Canyon Endurace a fast bike?

The new entry-level Endurace line is more about comfortable long-distance riding than outright speed. With its sturdy wheels and wide, sturdy tires, it has an all-terrain capability that the Canyon Ultimate, the brand’s race bike, lacks. That said, with faster wheels and tires, there’s no reason it can’t match a more pure road bike.

Does Canyon Endurace have fender mounts?

The Canyon Endurace CF 8 does not have mudguard mounts, which is a shame because in bad weather there is no back or foot protection. We’d rather have fender mounts than mounts for a top tube bag.

How much does a Canyon Endurace weigh?

The Canyon Endurace CF 8 in size M weighs 8.5 kg, which is quite competitive compared to its more expensive rivals.

Is the Canyon Endurace a gravel bike?

We’d say the Endurace CF is more “all-terrain” than gravel, though the latter version is certainly tough enough to handle rough, unpaved roads and farm tracks. The Endurace CF 7 All-Road has 35mm tires and actually has “all-road” in its name, so you have your answer.

What is the difference between the Canyon Endurace and the Canyon Ultimate?

The Canyon Ultimate is Canyon’s race bike and has a more aggressive geometry—primarily a lower stack height. The stack height of the size M Endurace is 2.3cm higher than the equivalent Canyon Ultimate CF SLX race bike.

The Endurace’s shorter reach naturally leads to a shorter front center, which means the Endurace actually has a slightly shorter wheelbase than the Ultimate CF SLX in the M size and the handling is very nimble.


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