Cafe owner puts pedal power behind Collingwood’s new competitive cycling team


Between eight and 10 spots will be available on the Collingwood Collective competitive cycling team

A local business owner is helping put the wheels in motion to bring competitive cycling opportunities to Collingwood.

Bruce Zigman, owner of Summit Social House, is one of nine business owners who have sponsored a new youth-led cycling project called Collingwood Collective. The team will focus on competitive cycling, a sport that Zigman says is lacking in the region.

“We have a great hockey scene and a great ski scene here. We have a massive bike scene, but there is a competitive bike scene that is missing in Collingwood,” Zigman said. “I really wanted to make an effort to try and bring that back.”

“I grew up with racing bikes and it taught me a lot over those years. I had a lot of amazing experiences with the people I raced with,” he said.

The Collingwood Collective will focus on youth mountain bike and cyclocross racing, but riders of all ages and disciplines would be welcome for the first few seasons.

“We hope (older participants) will do it more in a mentoring role to develop the team in that direction,” he said.

Cycling kits, race fees and coaching will be provided by sponsors, as will training rides and mentoring. The majority of funding will be allocated to youth members.

Summit Social House is a full-service, bike-friendly cafe catering to both the Collingwood cycling community and coffee lovers.

Zigman says that since opening his shop nine months ago, it was always part of his plan to have a bike team associated with the cafe.

“Over time, the idea evolved from a cafe-based racing team to a more community-based racing team with the cafe as one of the sponsors,” he said. “It’s about bringing people together with a common passion and seeing where their athleticism, drive and skills take them in the sport.”

Zigman says there are between eight and ten spots available on the team this year, and they would like to fill two-thirds of them with young riders.

“We would like to recruit riders with a bit of experience and we would like that to start. It is the sponsors who make this possible,” he said.

If you are interested in joining the Collingwood Collective, send your racing CV to [email protected]


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