Bitados and Paties win the XTERRA Greece

April 18, 2022

April 18, 2022 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ Panagiotis Bitados and Alizee Paties won the ninth annual XTERRA Greece Elite All-Terrain Triathlon titles in Vouliagmeni on Saturday April 16, 2022, with winning times of 2:20:34 and 2:49 :50 , respectively.

The victory marked a successful title defense for Bitados, who in this same race six months ago became the first Greek elite to win an XTERRA major. He is only 18 years old. For Paties (FRA), the win is her second major World Tour victory and the first since winning the XTERRA Nouvelle-Aquitaine crown in 2020.

The race began with a 1.5km swim from the beach that hosted the 2004 Olympic triathlon, followed by a 30km mountain bike ride in two laps around the coastal peninsula and open spaces that surround the city seaside resort of Vouliagmeni, and ended with a 10 km in two laps. run on the waterfront.

In the men’s elite race, Michele Bonacina (ITA) was the first out of the water in 19:00, followed closely by Bitados, Richard Murray (NED), François Vie (POR), Maxim Chane (FRA) and Federico Spinazze (ITA) .

Bitados posted the fastest bike split among those in the lead pack, then kicked off the race with a best time of 38:20 to take the tape nearly two minutes ahead of runner-up Chane.

“Really happy to get the win against so many good athletes,” said Bitados (pictured above in front of Bonacini and Spinazze). “The swimming went well, on the bike I was able to be in front with the Italians, and on the race I just did my best to go fast.”

Chane (pictured below), who said he was thrilled with the new mountain bike course at XTERRA Greece, was quick to praise Bitados, saying: “Panagiotis was strong all day, it was an impressive performance from him.”

Bonacina finished third, edging out Richard Murray by just 14 seconds, and Theo Dupras – who set the day’s best bike lap time (1:21:20) – finished fifth.

1 Panagiotis Bitados, GRE 2:20:34 19:03 1:21:35 0:38:20
2 Maxim Chané, FR 2:22:21 19:10 1:21:57 0:39:46
3 Michele Bonacina, ITA 2:25:02 19:00 1:21:57 0:42:52
4 Richard Murray, NDE 2:25:16 19:09 1:24:29 0:40:32
5 Théo Dupras, FRA 2:25:30 21:26 1:21:20 0:41:22
6 Federico Spinazze, ITA 2:25:51 19:14 1:22:08 0:43:09
7 Jens Emil Sloth Nielsen, DEN 2:26:04 21:28 1:24:03 0:39:00
8 Francois Vie, POR 2:27:01 19:10 1:24:13 0:42:23
9 Sebastien Carabin, BEL 2:30:10 24:53 1:21:34 0:41:22
ten Manuel Menendez, ESP 2:35:24 20:28 1:27:56 0:45:18

Full results

In the women’s elite race, Rachel Klamer (NED) had the fastest swim in 20:27, more than a minute faster than Lucia Vergara (ESP) and about three minutes ahead of XTERRA specialists Loanne Duvoisin (SUI) , Sandra Mairhofer (ITA) and Paties.

The mountain bike portion was a whole different story, with Paties posting the best bike in 1:37:37, more than seven minutes better than Klamer (pictured below).

“When I started riding I was nervous because I crashed yesterday, and some parts of the course are quite difficult,” said Klamer, who finished fourth at the Tokyo Olympics. “Actually, I was surprised that I could hold out for so long. I pushed hard on the climbs and was able to make time there, but then I was losing it on the descents and technical sections.

Klamer entered T2 in fourth, left T2 in third, then had the fastest run of the day (45:25) to finish in second place just over two minutes behind Paties.

“The slopes of the run were tough because I’m not used to it, but I loved it, enjoyed the whole day more than I thought I would,” Klamer said.

For Paties (pictured above), a lot of hard work in the offseason paid off today.

“I’m so happy, it’s amazing to be able to run with the best girls today,” she said. “I didn’t swim well, I was out of the water in fifth position, but I was riding well and after the first loop I saw Rachel and from there I raced. I liked the tracks, nice and rocky, and the race was tough. To be in the lead, I knew I had a chance to win, so I gave it my all. Last year was tough for me, so this win was really good for my confidence.

Last year’s XTERRA Greece champion, Jindriska Zemanova (CZE), was delighted to take third place.

“It was the best I could have done, so I’m very happy,” she said. “I swam well, I did my best on the bike, it was very technical and it suited me well, and the race was hell, but I just tried to stay.

XTERRA veteran Carina Wasle (CZE), in her 17th season, finished fourth and Matilde Bolzan (ITA) rounded out the top five.

1 Alizée Paties, FRA 2:49:50 23:40 1:37:37 0:47:06
2 Rachel Klamer, NED 2:52:11 20:27 1:44:59 0:45:25
3 Jindřiška Zemanova, CZE 2:53:34 23:48 1:38:14 0:49:31
4 Carina Wasle, TUE 2:55:19 23:48 1:41:13 0:48:20
5 Matilde Bolzan, ITA 2:58:21 25:50 1:39:37 0:51:07
6 Ségolène Léberon, FRA 2:59:18 26:21 1:40:05 0:51:12
7 Sandra Mairhofer, ITA 3:02:07 23:06 1:49:59 0:47:13
8 Morgane Riou, FR 3:05:22 26:19 1:44:43 0:52:35
9 Evelyne Trepte, SUI 3:09:17 29:10 1:43:42 0:53:12
ten Pauline Vie, POR 3:17:12 27:12 1:50:42 0:57:30

Full results

XTERRA Greece was the first of 10 major tournaments of the XTERRA European Tour 2022.
To be continued: XTERRA Portugal, May 21, 2022

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