ADVENTURE SPORTS: A great day for a Big Hurt


PORT ANGELES — Nearly 200 competitors took on the waters, roads and trails of the Port Angeles area, with more than 90% of athletes finishing in the annual Big Hurt race this Saturday.

The Big Hurt, organized by Peninsula Adventure Sports, is a multi-sport endurance team or individual relay. It has a 14-mile mountain bike leg through the hills above Port Angeles, a 2.5-mile kayak or paddleboard leg across Port Angeles Harbor, a 30-mile bike ride on the roads between Port Angeles and Joyce and a 10km run along the Olympic Peninsula Trail.

This year’s runners, some in uniforms and costumes such as Poulsbo’s North Kitsap Mountain Vikes in their Viking helmets, were treated to near-perfect conditions on Saturday with clear skies and cool temperatures.

The race usually has a pretty high dropout rate because it’s so difficult, but only one Ironman athlete, one Masters athlete, and one team dropped out. In recent years, up to 20% of competitors have been unable to finish due to injury or exhaustion.

The North Kitsap-based Mountain Vikes team, outfitted in Viking helmets, wait for their mountain biker to arrive at the Big Hurt Interchange area. (Pierre LaBossiere/Peninsula Daily News)

The overall winner and individual Ironman winner for the second straight year was Michael Finley in 3 hours, 38 minutes, 40 seconds, beating his time from last year by about five minutes. His finish was around four minutes off the all-time record set by Troy Treaccar in 2019.

Finley had a pretty good run for his money in the first two motos by Ian Mackie. Mackie finished the mountain bike stage in first place at 1:00:39 while Finley was four minutes behind at 1:04:20.

After the pedalo/kayak stage, the two competitors were almost tied as Finley finished solidly in 28:45 (the second best kayak stage of the day) and Mackie finished in 32:44.

In the road cycling and race legs, however, Finley crushed it. He won the cycling stage by a full 15 minutes over Mackie in a time of 1:23:24. He won the 10K in 42:11, a minute and a half over second runner Sam Peckham.

Mackie was second overall at 4:02:41, while Slater Fletcher was third at 4:07.56. Fletcher clocked the best kayak/paddleboard leg of the day at 26:04.

In the women’s ironman, Shelley Chestler won with a time of 4:46:20. Claire Martin was second at 5:24:17 and Madeline McClean third at 5:32:13.

Ian Mackie arrives at the interchange area on the Port Angeles waterfront after completing the mountain bike stage at Saturday's Big Hurt.  (Pierre LaBossiee/Peninsula Daily News)

Ian Mackie arrives at the interchange area on the Port Angeles waterfront after completing the mountain bike stage at Saturday’s Big Hurt. (Pierre LaBossiee/Peninsula Daily News)

Steve Smith won the men’s masters class in 4:21.43, good for fifth place overall. Chris Grieve was second at 4:51:45 and Ross Gilbert third at 5:00:57. The women’s main winner was Sara Jackson with a time of 6:27:00.

In the team category, the winner was Pacific Marten Sheen with a time of 4:04.20. Gone to Plaid came second at 4:13:03 and Get Real Get Better was third at 4:19:55.

The winner of the tandem team was Mustache Energy at 3:56:09. Camel T2B was second at 4:12:51 and Team Berry was third at 4:21:33.

The High School team winner was Smells Like Teen Spirit with a time of 4:58:12 and the Masters team winner was Old Fart Racing with a time of 4:26:57.

In the team races, Pacific Marten Sheen had the best mountain bike time (1:07:38), Get Real Get Better had the best paddle/kayak time (28:45), Gone to Plaid the best road cycling time (1:32:45) and Get Real Get Better best running time (39:36).

A total of 27 ironman competitors completed. Four ironman women completed the course. Eleven ironman masters have completed and one female ironman master has completed.

Fifteen tandem teams completed the course, 19 teams completed, four masters teams completed and one secondary team.

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Saturday September 24

Top 10 graduates

Ironman – Michael Finley, first, 3:38:40; Ian Mackie, second, 4:02:41; Slater Fletcher, third, 4:07:56; Sam Peckham, fourth, 4:14:01; Rob Briggs, fifth, 4:35:47; Corey McBride, sixth, 4:43:45; Ryan Akiyama, seventh, 4:46:09; Michael Wauters, eighth, 4:48:49; LT Clay, ninth, 4:57:48; Devon Derby, 10th, 5:00:19.

Female Ironman – Shelley Chestler, first, 4:46:20; Claire Martin, second, 5:24:17; Madeline McClean, third, 5:32:13; Nina Sarmiento, fourth 6:38:43.

Ironman Masters – Steve Smith, first, 4:21:43; Chris Grieve, second; 4:51:45; Robb Gilbert, third: 5:00:57; Tom Wahl, fourth, 5:04:47; Steve Shaw, fifth, 5:10:25; Ken Bronson, sixth, 5:17:41; Jeff Evans, seventh, 5:37:54; Trevor Ivory, eighth, 5:44:15; Scott Abrams, ninth, 5:49:06; Steven Thompson, 10th, 5:52:41.

Tandem – Mustache Energy, first, 3:56:09; Camel T2B, second, 4:12:51; Team Berry, third, 4:21:33; Morgan Wrath, fourth, 4:36:51; Chronicles of Gnarnia, fifth, 4:45:46; Dude, where are our kids?, sixth, 4:45:55; Team Rocket, seventh, 4:51:45; Blister Sisters, eighth, 4:53:38; Grin and Bear It, ninth, 4:53:58; The old man and the athlete, 10th, 4:59:12.

Team – Pacific Marten Sheen, first, 4:04:20; Went to Plaid, second, 4:13:03; Get Real Get Better, third, 4:19:55; Thunderscat, fourth, 4:22:32; Chris Morgan, fifth, 4:31:22; Working on that, sixth, 4:36:36; Subalpine Trees Racing Team, seventh, 4:36:46; Fletcher Babes, eighth, 4:48:10; No time to die, ninth, 5:04:26; French Garlic, 10th, 5:05:54.

Team Masters – Old Fart Racing, first 4:26:57; Masters of Disaster, second, 4:43:45; Wait, what?, third, 4:59:37; Masterplan Is To Finish!, fourth, 5:18:00.


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