3 things you need to see: A guy in a bike race gets attacked by a bull?


A guy was in the middle of a bike race. . . and was attacked by a bull?

The Tour de France would get much better marks if it did this all the time: Guy in California named Tony Inderbitzin has been in the middle of a big 80-mile mountain bike race on Saturday. . . when he was suddenly attacked by a BULL. (???)

It was an off-road race in a rural area. And he thought it was just a cow until he got closer. But by then it was too late. The bull turned around, charged his bike and DESTROYED it.

He knocked him off his bike, then came back and threw him in the air like a rag doll. But somehow he’s fine. He actually wanted to finish the race, but was talked out of it.

At least two other bikers also had run-ins with the same bull, but Tony had the worst of it. He says he will be fine, but his whole body was in pain the next day.

(Warning! The video has profanity. There are also pictures of a second biker getting crushed.

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Wife’s husband left the sunroof open on his van before a snowstorm

Is this the worst surprise of the year for Valentine’s Day? A guy from Massachusetts was driving his wife’s van over the weekend with the sunroof open. . . because even when you’re old and lame, you need that wind in your hair.

Anyway, he forgot to close the sunroof when he got home. And it was unfortunate. . . because there was a big SNOWSTORM the next day. So the front seat of his car is about nine inches.

He didn’t realize what had happened until Monday. So he had to break the news to her on Valentine’s Day. But luckily he did little damage. He says it would have been much worse if it had rained. (Here is a Photo.)

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A group of loggers in Canada was able to save a moose after crossing the ice.

They used a chainsaw to cut a path, then directed it into shallow water. (The heroes are Darren Whalley, Mark Wellington, Jordan Hay and Byron Holbik.)

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