Professional credit for young business

Many companies are launched every day, whether in the form of a micro-enterprise. The launch of a business is important, it is necessary both to provide funds for the capital, for the first months of activity in terms of treasury but also in terms of investments, whether on the material level (vehicle, local, machines) or intangible (local, accounting, etc.).

Young companies often need funds to start up, but above all also to develop. It is the development of the activity which will make it possible to perpetuate the company, namely to ensure it a more serene future and above all to create profitability, which is not always the case at launch given the significant investments. Investments are also coordinated with the size of the company. Requesting a loan can facilitate the development of the activity, whether for cash flow needs or financing linked to the purchase of equipment or other.


How to get a pro-business start-up credit?

business credit

Young companies do not necessarily have the necessary hindsight and sufficient seniority to provide guarantees, that is to say, that most banks will request the last two balance sheets of the company to support it in its project funding. These balance sheets allow (in particular the gross operating surplus or EBE) to have information on the financial health of the company and its ability to repay the loan. This allows, in particular, to define the loan terms, with or without personal guarantee for example.

For a young company, seniority cannot provide sufficient guarantees to banks and professional lenders, who will then rely on the business plan and financial studies. It is important to show the bank that the manager has well planned his activity and his development perspective. The use of the loan can be easily justified to accelerate the development of the business, but it takes a minimum of data to reassure the lenders.


Simulate a professional loan for young business

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It is possible to quickly obtain a first professional loan estimate within the framework of a young company, it suffices to fill in the simulation form specifying both the amount required and the situation of the company. This will quickly obtain financing proposals, with the rates offered by the various professional credit institutions. Note that it is completely free and without obligation.

Find out how to obtain a professional loan when you are a young company, financing to develop the business.

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